Two Misconceptions of the Law of Attraction

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Two Misconceptions of the Law of Attraction

October 25, 2018 Uncategorized 0

There’s plenty of information on the internet about the Law of Attraction, some of it is useful and some of it can be harmful.

There are many misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.  Here are two common ones?

Firstly, I’ve heard it said that you should set your intention for what you want and then forget about it and do nothing.  This is a misconception about the Law of Attraction, which, if you follow, may leave you waiting an indefinite time for your intention to manifest.

Obviously, as with everything we teach here at Law of Attraction Evolution, this is just our experience.  You may disagree and that’s fine.  But let me explain why I believe that you should not set an intention for what you want and then forget about it and do nothing…

You probably already know that the brain is malleable.  Neuroplasticity has proven that the brain changes and can be ‘re-wired’ throughout our life time.  Whenever you learn a new skill or habit, it takes repetition to create new neural connections in your brain.  This means that until you learn the new skill or habit, you must consciously focus on what you’re doing.  It’s only once you have mastered the new skill or habit that you can do it automatically without consciously focusing on what you’re doing.

In order to manifest what you want, it requires changing your mind-set and taking some kind of action.  If you already had the right mind-set then you would already have taken the inspired action and you would therefore already have what you want.  Since creating a new habit or learning something new requires repetition and focus until you have instilled it, you need to focus on it and take the appropriate action, not just forget about it.  If you just forget about it, how are you going to make the changes that you need to make?

To put it another way, think about going to the gym and doing weight training.  You would not expect to build muscle by doing one workout and then cancelling your gym membership and forgetting about it.  Similarly, you would not expect to reach your ideal weight with one personal training session.

The same principle applies to the Law of Attraction and manifesting.  If you want to manifest something, then some kind of action is necessary to align yourself with what you want.  This could be reading a book, working on your beliefs, taking inspired action, allowing ideas to flow to you etc.  None of these would happen if you simply pushed your desires aside and forgot about them.

The second common misconception of the Law of Attraction is that you must only speak and act as if you already have what you want.  I’m going to say this is not true and this may fly in the face of everything that you have learned about the Law of Attraction, but hear me out…

It’s only necessary that you feel as if your desire has been fulfilled and you truly believe in it, but it’s not necessary that you talk or act as if it has been fulfilled.  In fact, talking and acting as if your desire has been fulfilled is impractical.

In order to manifest your desire or achieve a goal you’re going to have to deal with things in your life as they are right now, which means focusing on things the way they are in the present moment. 

For example, let’s say you’re single and looking for your ideal relationship.  You may be inspired to sign up to a particular dating site where you will meet your ideal partner.  However, if you’re acting as if you already have your ideal relationship, why would you be signing up to a dating site?

Similarly, if you think you’ve got to talk as if you already have what you want, you’ll avoid conversations pertaining to your present circumstances and if you do get drawn into a conversation about your life as it is right now, you’ll likely beat yourself up about it after.  This then starts the thought process of “Oh no, I’m now not aligned with what I want and I’ve got to start over.”  Such thoughts are the reason for lack of results, not the fact that you’ve had a conversation in which you acknowledged that you do not currently have what you want.

I have consciously manifested many things in my life so far and I never talked or acted as if I had what I wanted before it manifested, so believe me it is not necessary and this is a misconception that can actually hinder your success.  It is only necessary that you feel like you have what you want and you believe it.

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