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Hypnotherapy Mp3 sessions for reducing stress and tension, cleansing your energy and raising your vibration in order to improve your overall well-being


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Over time, stress and tension builds up in the body through general life experiences, such as work overload, family issues, relationships, failures, regrets and so on.

This stress and tension eventually begins to take its toll on the body and physical symptoms begin to manifest, which then affects health and well-being.

Our hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress and tension.  Included in this package are 6 hypnotherapy sessions.  Each session is between 15 to 25 minutes. 

In these sessions we’ll take you through some tested and proven techniques for achieving a state of deep relaxation, cleansing your energy and raising your vibration in order to improve your overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different levels of consciousness…

For example, when you are in a deep sleep you are in Delta consciousness.  Whereas when you are fully alert you are in Beta consciousness.

Theta consciousness is a state of deep relaxation, deep daydreaming or light sleep.

By learning to switch off from the external world and relax your mind and body you lower the critical and analytical faculties of the conscious mind.

In this state of consciousness you can give your subconscious mind new suggestions and instructions without your conscious mind rejecting them.

Hypnotherapy is a process that has been approved by the British and American Medical Associations. 

In fact, American Health Magazine reported the following success rates from a comparison study:

Psychoanalysis: 38% improvement after 600 sessions

Behavioural Therapy: 72% improvement after 22 sessions

Hypnotherapy: 93% success after 6 sessions

Hypnosis is 100% safe.  It’s been around for hundreds of years and has been recognized and approved by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

Forget about what you see on hypnosis stage shows and on television programs.  That’s just about entertainment.  The truth is that nobody does anything they are not willing to do.

Hypnosis is actually a natural state that you will enter into numerous times each day.  You enter a state of hypnosis when you are engrossed in a good book or a television program, or when you are daydreaming.  Hypnosis is just a state of deep relaxation when you switch off from the external world.

Hypnosis is just a state of deep relaxation, so saying you can’t be hypnotized is like saying you can’t relax.  Everybody has the ability to relax their mind and switch off from the external world. 

Like meditation, your ability to relax and switch off from the external world becomes easier the more you do it.

Hypnotherapy has been around for hundreds of years and this has never happened in the history of hypnosis.  It is not possible to get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis because a state of hypnosis is simply a state of deep relaxation.

Even if the guided hypnotherapy audio were to get stuck, you would simply snap out of your relaxed state and come back to full alertness feeling absolutely fine, just the same as when you decide to come out of a daydream or stop reading a good book that takes you away from reality.

Again, forget those hypnosis stage shows or television programs where it appears as though the person has no control.  That is just for entertainment.  Nobody can make you do anything against your will.

Hypnosis doesn’t mean being ‘out of it’ or totally unaware, it’s just a state of deep relaxation, like meditation.  So you will always be aware and in control, and you will only accept suggestions that are congruent with your values and morals.

In fact, hypnosis is about gaining control.  As you learn to relax your mind and switch off from the external world you become more aware of your inner world.  The greater your awareness of your inner world, the more control you have.


*For your security, all orders are processed via PayPal. 

The Instructors

Luke Broad & Nicola Marsh

Luke Broad is a Law of Attraction Coach and a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy®. 

Nicola Marsh is a Certified Hypnotherapist and holds a diploma in NLP.

Client Testimonials:

“My life is changed. Thanks to Luke and Nicola. I can now live the life I want and enjoy time with my family and go on holidays with them. They are calm, friendly and amazing and I cannot praise them enough.”
Debbie Maclean
“Luke & Nicola were exceptional and delivered me impressive results quickly…Before, I was struggling for balance in my life. I now enjoy lots of travelling whilst still running my successful business.”
Anthony McCourt
“I have been studying personal development and applying the Law of Attraction for years with excellent results. I have to say that Luke and Nicky’s knowledge and understanding of the Law of Attraction is exceptional. The Law of Attraction is so simple but changing your thought patterns, beliefs and emotions is not. The techniques and strategies in this course are great for helping you to make big changes and creating the life you want. If you’re looking to make changes to your mind-set and attract things that you want into your life, I highly recommend their course.”
“My results are fantastic. Thank you so much, you have made me & my family very happy. Their techniques and strategies work so well and have got me results. I highly recommend Luke & Nicky."
Pauline Marsden
“Luke & Nicky are a couple with such calming energy and are extremely knowledgeable on the Law of Attraction, NLP and Hypnotherapy. If you are looking for help to change your thought processes then I recommend them."
Mo Smith

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Hypnotherapy Mp3 sessions for reducing stress and tension, cleansing your energy and raising your vibration in order to improve your overall well-being


*For your security, all orders are processed via PayPal. 

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