Develop A Mind-Set That Attracts Abundance and Success…

We are dedicated to helping you to manifest the results you want.

This 30-day online course will take you through a step by step process for developing a mind-set that attracts abundance and success…

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You may have seen ‘The Secret’ and read Law of Attraction books…

…but you probably haven’t manifested the abundance or success you want yet. 

If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like or you have goals you want to achieve and you haven’t yet manifested the lifestyle or fulfillment you desire…

It’s because you must first change your core beliefs before anything in your reality can change.

Want to know what kind of core beliefs you have right now about yourself, your life, the world and your desires? 

Look around you…your reality is a reflection of your core beliefs.

Your core beliefs determine how you view yourself, how you view the world and the opportunities, ideas, people, resources and circumstances that you attract. 

Your core beliefs are responsible for your level of success, happiness and fulfillment.

Most people have core beliefs that contradict each other, resulting in stalemate.

To transform your finances, lifestyle, career or business, you need to identify and change your core beliefs, feelings and habits. 

When you change your core beliefs you’ll have a new zest for life and you’ll have confidence and belief… 

You’ll find yourself attracting ideas and taking inspired action…

…and you’ll also find yourself attracting the opportunities, resources, people, events and circumstances that you need to turn your goals and desires into your reality.

In our online course, we’ll coach you through our 5-step formula for transforming your core beliefs, feelings and habits so that you can attract the life you want and deserve…

About Us

I’m Luke Broad and I’m a Law of Attraction Coach and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching. 

My partner and I run a Law of Attraction Coaching and Hypnotherapy business. 

We’ve seen our coaching clients attract dream jobs, ideal relationships, dream homes, businesses and more money all from making just a few small changes to their mind-set.

In this course we will teach you our 5 step formula for transforming your mind-set and creating an abundant life…

The 5 Step Formula:

Step One: Break Down Desire (Days 1 to 8 of this course): 

We’ll take you beyond traditional goal setting and show you how to break your desire down into tiny action steps that you can take from where you are right now. 

This is important because when you take action toward your goal or desire, no matter how small, you set up a powerful force of attraction that attracts what you need for the next step.

Step Two: Getting Inspired (Days 9 & 10 of this course):

We’ll take you through techniques and strategies for accessing a state of inspiration on demand so that you allow more intuition, creativity and ideas to flow to you.

Step Three: Self-Awareness (Days 11 to 16 of this course):

Your belief system is like a web of beliefs.  Behind every belief there is another belief supporting it.  So if you only deal with the outer beliefs and you don’t get to the core belief, nothing is going to change in your reality because your reality reflects your core beliefs.

We’ll teach you how to identify your core beliefs, feelings and habits.

Step Four: Remove Negative Core Beliefs, Feelings & Habits (Days 17 to 22 of this course): 

A belief is simply an idea or concept that you accept as true about yourself, the world or your reality.

Once you’ve identified your core beliefs, feelings and habits, we’ll take you through the most effective techniques and strategies, including some powerful language patterns, for changing them quickly and easily. 

Step Five
: Instill Positive & Empowering Core Beliefs, Feelings & Habits (Days 23-30 of this course): 

Once you have identified and removed negative core beliefs and habits, the next and final step is to develop positive and empowering core beliefs and habits.

We’ll show you some advanced strategies and processes to instill a new self-image and develop empowering and positive beliefs and habits.

Course Information

We have combined the most effective brain changing techniques from Hypnotherapy and NLP with our own tested and proven  Law of Attraction coaching strategies…

Our course includes 12 Hypnotherapy sessions and 23 workbooks.

This course is a practical coaching guide designed to reprogram your brain to increase confidence and belief and create the life you want.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Many people think that hypnosis means being ‘out of it’.  This erroneous belief comes from stage shows which are designed simply to entertain. 

In reality, hypnosis is just a state of deep relaxation in which your brain waves are lowered.  In this state you become less aware of your external world and more aware of your inner world of thoughts, beliefs and feelings, just like daydreaming.

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis nor can you accept any suggestion that is not congruent with your values and morals.  You are always aware and in control. 

Hypnotherapy works best when used in conjunction with the other exercises and strategies that we have included in this course.  The 12 hypnotherapy sessions we have included in this course complement the techniques and strategies in our 23 workbooks by helping you to instill new ways of thinking.

But the initial change work comes in our workbooks where you’ll identify and eliminate negative core beliefs, feelings and habits.  Only then can you successfully instill new and positive thoughts and suggestions through hypnotherapy.

How much of my time will it take?

This home study course consists of 23 workbooks and 12 Mp3 sessions.  The Mp3 sessions are to listen to as you go to sleep at night.  The workbooks contain information and a strategy for you to implement as you go about your day. 

You do not have to complete this course in 30 days.  You can complete it as quickly or as slowly as you like.  You can leave it and then pick it up at your convenience.  Once you enroll on this course, you’ll have lifetime access. 

What Our Clients Say:

“My life is changed. Thanks to Luke and Nicola. I can now live the life I want and enjoy time with my family and go on holidays with them. They are calm, friendly and amazing and I cannot praise them enough.”
Debbie Maclean
“Luke & Nicola were exceptional and delivered me impressive results quickly…Before, I was struggling for balance in my life. I now enjoy lots of travelling whilst still running my successful business.”
Anthony McCourt
“I have been studying personal development and applying the Law of Attraction for years with excellent results. I have to say that Luke and Nicky’s knowledge and understanding of the Law of Attraction is exceptional. The Law of Attraction is so simple but changing your thought patterns, beliefs and emotions is not. The techniques and strategies in this course are great for helping you to make big changes and creating the life you want. If you’re looking to make changes to your mind-set and attract things that you want into your life, I highly recommend their course.”
“My results are fantastic. Thank you so much, you have made me & my family very happy. Their techniques and strategies work so well and have got me results. I highly recommend Luke & Nicky."
Pauline Marsden
“Luke & Nicky are a couple with such calming energy and are extremely knowledgeable on the Law of Attraction, NLP and Hypnotherapy. If you are looking for help to change your thought processes then I recommend them."
Mo Smith

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We’ve done all the hard work for you…

…We’ve put together this step by step 30-day process to help you develop a mind-set that attracts abundance and success.

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll benefit from this home study course that if you still need help at the end then we’ll offer you a FREE 1 hour Law of Attraction personal breakthrough session via Skype.  Your results matter to us…your results are our results.

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Luke & Nicola

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