Believe in What You Want, Not What’s True

Believe in What You Want, Not What’s True

November 6, 2018 Uncategorized 0

As you become more self-aware, you expand your thinking.  And as you expand your thinking, you move into higher levels of consciousness.

When you raise your self-awareness and move into higher levels of consciousness, you become more aware of the connection between your inner world of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and judgements, and your outer world i.e. your reality.

Increasing your awareness of the connection between your inner and outer world means practicing the Law of Attraction and observing how changing your inner world produces changes to your outer world.

Those of you who raise your self-awareness and move into higher dimensions of consciousness will think differently than the majority. 

Most people believe something negative about their lives or the world because it’s true and they see evidence for it, which is not only natural but also logical.  After all, if you see evidence for something, why wouldn’t you believe it? 

It’s perfectly fine to believe in something that you see evidence for and that is true…IF it is something that is positive and beneficial to you and others.  But when we believe in something unwanted, no matter how justified that belief is, it only attracts more things unwanted.  So believing in unwanted things is not beneficial. 

When you think from a higher dimension of consciousness you don’t believe something negative because it’s true, rather you believe in something positive because it is what you want. 

This does not mean ignoring the negatives or the issues at hand, it means believing in the solution, even if you don’t know what the solution is yet.

Regarding the state of the world, most people have a negative view.  Whilst there are certainly many issues in the world that need to be addressed and resolved, we will only manifest more good things in the world when we collectively believe in the world that we desire.  And it doesn’t take everybody to believe in order to affect the energy of the collective consciousness, which then results in positive changes in the world.

We don’t all have to believe the same thing, but we do need to believe that we collectively have the capability and potential to resolve our issues.  In other words, we have to have faith in humanity.

So the question is: How do we have faith in humanity?

A belief is just something that you accept as true, so in order to build your faith in humanity and believe in the good in the world you must consciously look for good things rather than the negatives.  As you look for examples of the good side of humanity then you will see more and more good things in people, which then reinforces your belief in the good things and the positive cycle continues.

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