Moving to a Higher Consciousness

Moving to a Higher Consciousness

October 25, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Moving to a higher state of consciousness simply means becoming more self-aware.  This less self-awareness a being is, the more automated they are.  In other words, they create their reality unconsciously based on what they observe in their environment and how they perceive that.

The more automated something is, the easier it is to manipulate and control it.  Therefore, the lower modes of consciousness are controlled by the higher modes of consciousness.

Gaining self-awareness means becoming aware of who we are, how we create reality, how we can be manipulated and how we can change our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours. 

One can only consciously change their reality once they have learned how to change themselves.

As we continue to learn, increase our self-awareness and grow, we raise our consciousness to a higher level.  And as we move to a higher state of consciousness we increase our ability to consciously bend and manipulate our reality.  We also increase our access to our intuition. 

Imagine when we have collectively evolved to a higher level of consciousness in which we are able to use our intuition to avoid dangerous situations, such as natural disasters.

Have you ever had a feeling about a place or a person?  Have you ever sensed danger before it happened?

Of course, the question is: How do you tell the difference between your intuition telling you that there’s some kind of danger or your negative beliefs evoking fear of what could happen?

There’s no obvious answer to this question.  It’s just something that we have to learn and the higher our state of consciousness, the less negative beliefs we will have anyway, and the less fear we will have, and this means that we will be more tuned into our intuition. 

So, as we move into a higher state of consciousness, both individually and collectively, we will have more self-awareness and perhaps we will just be able to tell the difference between a negative belief and our intuition.

Sometimes, we can use our common sense to choose between following our intuition or exploring our belief system to find out what negative beliefs we have.  For example, if you feel fear about starting a new business or going travelling it is likely because of negative beliefs and it’s probably best to explore your belief system.  Whereas if you feel fear about walking down a dark alley alone at night then it’s probably best to avoid the dark alley. 

One thing I believe it is essential for everybody to be aware of is how our perception of the world and of one another is influenced by the media.  Most of what the events that the media show us are fear based, so much so that we may fear somebody just because of how they look or we may develop fears of going to certain places.  We may also fear one another based on our religion, culture, political views or race.  Fear creates division and the media fuels fear-based thinking.  Television can also have a similar effect.

If you want to raise your self-awareness the first questions you should be asking yourself are these:

How is my perception being influenced?  What fears and judgements do I have and where have they come from? 

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