7 Things You Must Do To Attract Your Desires

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Those who learn to live in harmony with the Law of Attraction are able to bend their reality and attract the things that they want…

In This Book You’ll Learn:

How to prove to yourself that you create your reality and the 7 things you must do to attract your desires. 

Why affirmations and visualization don’t work all the time and what you need to do instead.

How your view of the world affects the world.

How to eliminate the 12 most common negative beliefs about money so that you can create more abundance in your life and in the world.

7 reasons why you attract the people and relationships you do and why it is possible to attract a specific person.

The one missing piece to the Law of Attraction that nobody seems to talk about…understanding this will change how you see the world.

This is not a book of techniques, rather it is written in a way that aims to eliminate the most common negative beliefs about abundance, the world and your ability to manifest your desires.

By the book’s end you’ll have gone beyond traditional Law of Attraction material and you’ll know how to eliminate doubt even when you can’t see the ‘how’.

You’ll also learn the 4 misconceptions of the Law of Attraction that will inadvertently result in you attracting what you don’t want.

Did You Know...

The heart emits the most powerful magnetic force in the body (even more powerful than the brain). 

Scientific research by the Institute of HeartMath has shown that our thoughts, attitudes and emotions emit energetic fields. 

Coherence is a state in which your mind and heart are communicating harmonious signals.

Energetic signals are radiated by the heart into the external environment according to your beliefs, attitudes and feelings. 

This means that through your beliefs, attitudes and emotions, you send out energetic signals…

These energetic signals interact with the quantum field and attracts to you experiences, people, events and opportunities that resonate with your core beliefs, attitudes, judgements and emotional states.  

Inside this book you’ll learn how to focus your energy in a way that manifests your desires.

This eBook also comes with 2 Audio Sessions…

Session One:  Ever heard the phrase “You Can’t have it all” or “It’s too good to be true”?

Often we have negative beliefs that tell us that if we gain one thing then we will lose something else.  Or we have made mistakes or failed at something in the past. 

This creates an unconscious fear of loss where our mind sabotages our efforts in order to avoid potential disappointment or sadness. 

This session is about identifying and removing this fear of loss.

Session Two:  The second Mp3 session is a guided meditation to help you focus your energy toward the manifestation of your desires.

About the Authors

I’m Luke Broad and I’m a Law of Attraction Coach and a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy®. 

I have been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over 10 years now and not only did it change my life, it saved it. 

I was stuck in job I hated, I had no money, I was alone, I was clinically depressed and I had debilitating health issues. 

Since learning the Law of Attraction I’ve manifested health, money, my ideal relationship and my own business doing what I love. 

I’m now passionate about teaching the Law of Attraction and helping other people to get results.

My partner and I run a Law of Attraction coaching & Hypnotherapy business together.  

Certified Law of Attraction Coach

If you have any issues, please contact us at:

Luke & Nicola

Whether you are new to the Law of Attraction or you’ve read many books on the subject, this book will take your understanding to a new level and you’ll learn new and easier ways for attracting your desires and manifesting the results you want…

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