The Power of Consciousness

We are dedicated to helping you to master the Law of Attraction.

The Power of Consciousness

Discover how you are constantly shifting through parallel realities and how you can use this knowledge to attract greater abundance, love, success, happiness & health…

Many people feel frustrated or discouraged in their attempts to manifest more money, love, happiness, confidence, success & health…

…and people use basic processes such as affirmations and visualization for years with no significant results…

In this book you will go deeper into the true nature of reality and you’ll learn how to literally shift through parallel realities and manifest the results you want.

You’ll be taken way beyond traditional Law of Attraction material and you’ll discover the most advanced practical techniques for transforming your thoughts, beliefs and feelings so that you naturally attract your desires.

This book is for anybody who is open to this advanced level of thinking and wants to access more of their spiritual energy and expand their knowledge and understanding.

I’ve read a lot of books on the Law of Attraction and as far as I’m aware this is the most in depth book you will read on the subject.

So get your copy and access immediately on any device.

The Power of Consciousness

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Here’s some of what I'll reveal:

How you are constantly shifting through parallel realities and how to shift to the reality you desire

The 7 things you must do to attract more abundance, love, happiness, health and success

Eliminate the 12 most common negative beliefs about money that will block your flow of abundance

My 5-step formula that I used to attract more abundance, health and love and how I attracted over a $1000 in one day from unexpected sources

Why it is possible to attract a specific person

The 4 misconceptions of the Law of Attraction that will result in you inadvertently attracting what you don’t want

How to release disempowering beliefs that you’ve had for years in just 10 minutes!

There are 9 parts in this book:

Part 1:
The Power of Consciousness

Shifting your consciousness to a parallel reality

How to manifest in a holographic universe

How your thoughts affect the world

The 4 levels of manifestation

Part 2:
7 Things you need to do to attract your desires

Maintaining a mental attitude of confidence and determination

Making peace with abundance

Identifying and releasing negative judgements

Getting into a state of ease

3 Core beliefs you must have

Part 3:
Evolve your consciousness

The Law of Vibration

3 Things you need to know

My 5-Step Manifestation formula

Accessing the flow of abundance

Overcoming procrastination and self-sabotage 

Part 4:
Breaking down your desires

Clarifying your intention

The 3 Myths of Visualization

Breaking down your desire

Part 5:
Getting Inspired

How to access a positive state on demand

Allowing the flow of inspiration and intuition

Part 6:

Your core values

Integrating your mind and creating a state of alignment between the heart and mind

Identifying negative and disempowering beliefs active within your consciousness

Part 7:
Removing negative core beliefs and habits

Changing your thinking

Releasing the fear of failure and rejection

How to use covert language patterns to transform your beliefs and positively influence others

Part 8:
Developing positive beliefs and habits

Creating a new self-image

Accessing a resourceful state

The key to allowing what you desire to manifest

Part 9:
Living in harmony with the spiritual laws of the universe

Attaining your desires and seeing beyond the material world

Accessing infinite possibilities within your consciousness & harnessing your spiritual energy to create your reality

Applying the 5 step manifestation formula to your daily life and shifting realities

Developing and using the power of your will to focus the energy of your consciousness on your desires

*For your security, all orders are processed via PayPal.

*Devices: Kindle, Mobile, iPad, Tablet, Computer.

About the Author

I’m Luke Broad and I’m a Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®.

Through experimenting with numerous processes and strategies, studying the Law of Attraction in depth and working with clients, I’ve discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to manifesting your desires with the Law of Attraction.

We’re generally conditioned to believe that we are powerless to affect the conditions around us.

This is why I am passionate about teaching the power of consciousness to create the universe.

In ‘The Power of Consciousness’, I will take you beyond basic Law of attraction material and I’ll reveal my 5-step manifestation formula that I have used to attract more abundance, better health and my ideal partner.

I’ll also explain how you are shifting through parallel realities billions of times per second and how you can shift to the reality you want.

Certified Law of Attraction Coach
The Power of Consciousness

Download Your Copy Today For Only $7

*For your security, all orders are processed via PayPal.

*Devices: Kindle, Mobile, iPad, Tablet, Computer.

The universe is governed by law…

The universe is governed by law and the Law of Attraction is the law by which you create your reality…

There are infinite parallel realities all coexisting simultaneously. Time is experienced by your consciousness shifting realities billions of times per second…

You experience these shifts naturally through a sequence of events because you are in a time and space dimension…

The reality you shift to depends on your vibration, which is determined by your core beliefs, thoughts, judgements, feelings and actions.

Learn more about the power of your consciousness to create your reality and the universe…

*For your security, all orders are processed via PayPal.

*Devices: Kindle, Mobile, iPad, Tablet, Computer.

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Luke & Nicola

“As more people manifest abundance, love and peace in their own lives, more abundance, love and peace will manifest for the whole world”