Don’t Ignore the Negatives

Don’t Ignore the Negatives

November 6, 2018 Uncategorized 0

The Law of Attraction means that you create your reality based on your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, judgements, actions and feelings. 

It’s often taught that you should focus only on the positives in order to create what you want.  If you have a desire but you also have a fear about not manifesting it, you may be inclined to think that you should just ignore the fear and focus on the end result – a reality in which your desire has manifested.

It is certainly true that you should focus on the end result and build up your excitement, belief and expectation regarding your desire.  However, if you have a fear or negative belief running in the background, focusing on the end result and ignoring the fear will not eliminate the fear, it will only push it aside.  The fear, therefore, will still be active and will prevent you from attracting what you want.

In order to eliminate the fear you must acknowledge it, explore it and then resolve it.  You can do this whilst focusing on your desire but when you eliminate the fear your energy will change and you’ll find that it’s much easier to attract what you want. 

Fears and negative beliefs mean there’s resistance in your energy.  When you have resistance in your energy then manifesting what you want becomes a struggle.  However, when your energy is aligned with what you want you’ll naturally attract what you need in order to manifest your desires.  In other words, attracting what you want to you will become effortless.

Manifesting what you want is not about how long and hard you can focus on your desires, it’s about clearing up your energy.  And clearing up your energy means dealing with negative beliefs and feelings.

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