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*Please note that the online course mentioned in this video is not available at this time.

Luke Broad & Nicola Marsh

Here at LOA Evolution, we are dedicated to teaching the power of consciousness so that you can develop yourself, raise your vibration and learn to consciously create your reality.

I’m Luke Broad and I created this website with my partner, Nicola Marsh.  I’m a Law of Attraction Coach, Life Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™

I began my working life in the Parachute Regiment of the British Armed Forces.  After 2 years I realized that this was not the career I wanted…  

At the time, what I really wanted was to go travelling, but I was stuck under my Army contract.  I suffered from depression and I also had an debilitating illness which I was told was incurable.

I first came across the Law of Attraction in 2007 when I watched ‘The Secret’ documentary.  After seeing The Secret I had an ‘aha’ moment as I realized that I had been practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction without knowing what it was. 

The Law of Attraction changed my life and I am now passionate about teaching the true nature of reality.  As you expand your understanding and increase your awareness you can learn how to consciously create the reality you want.  The more people that do this, the more we will collectively shift humanity into a new level of consciousness and create a new world.

Law of Attraction Radio Network Interview with Luke Broad…

*Please note that the free 7-day course advertised in this interview is no longer available.

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