About Law of Attraction Evolution

We are dedicated to helping you to manifest the results you want.

Here at LOA Evolution, we are dedicated to teaching you how to create measurable changes within your consciousness so that you can attract what you want and become a conscious creator.

I’m Luke Broad and I created this website with my partner, Nicky, because the Law of Attraction is our passion.  We’ve invested thousands of hours and dollars into studying the Law of Attraction.

I first came across the Law of Attraction in 2007 when I watched ‘The Secret’ documentary.  I thought that The Secret was a fantastic starting point.  A common criticism of The Secret is that it missed out the action aspect.  However, when I watched it there was a whole section about taking inspired action, so I don’t quite understand where that criticism comes from.

After seeing The Secret I had an ‘aha’ moment as I realised that I had been practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction without knowing what it was.  I then delved into the Law of Attraction and it quickly became my passion. 

I then began doing coaching courses to improve my ability to help other people to change their mind-set.  I’ve done Law of Attraction Coaching, NLP Coaching, Life Coaching, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Strategic Interventions.

Through this website we want to clear up all the misconceptions about the Law of Attraction and show you how to apply this universal law in a way that produces real and measurable results.