Law of Attraction Evolution

The Power of Consciousness

“Discover How You Are Creating Reality By Shifting Through Billions of Parallel Realities Per Second In A Holographic Universe…”

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Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside ‘The Power of Consciousness’ eBook…

LOA EvolutionDiscover how the universe is a hologram and how time is an illusion created by shifting through countless parallel realities per second – this understanding will totally change the way you view and implement The Law of Attraction!

LOA EvolutionDiscover how everybody is reflecting something back to you and why you attract certain people to you.

LOA EvolutionJoin the thousands of conscious creators who are not just creating amazing things in their own lives but also raising the global consciousness to amazing new levels!

LOA EvolutionFind out how to manifest more abundance for yourself and for the whole world!

LOA EvolutionThis book will take you to a new level of consciousness where your reality is easier to create. 

“If you want to take your self-awareness and understanding of how consciousness is creating the universe to an amazing new level, then this book is for you.”

This book is also worded in a specific way that will reprogram your mind as you read it and raise your energy.

“This book is the most in depth book on the Law of Attraction and the nature of reality that you will read. Luke has an excellent understanding and this book will open your eyes to a whole new level of awareness. Highly recommend.”
“This book explains the Law of Attraction in a completely new way that makes everything just click into place. It is concise and to the point – no boring filler. Just everything you need to know as well as how to implement it. It’s a very good book which I recommend to anybody who wants to learn more about how consciousness creates the universe.”
Mo Smith

About The Author

Luke Broad is a Law of Attraction Coach and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy®

Luke used to suffer from depression and Meniere’s Disease, which is a so-called incurable illness that effects balance and hearing and causes dizziness and vomiting.

After studying the spiritual laws of the universe and the nature of reality, Luke’s newfound understanding changed his life and he is now passionate about teaching the power of consciousness so that humanity can shift into a new level of consciousness and create a better world.

Certified Law of Attraction Coach